Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Grow Your Own Pea Shoots Stupid Easy

Pea shoots are a fancy, rich-person green. You can find them adorning canapes, which are French for bougie-shit-on-crackers. They cost like a million dollars.

You can also, you know, eat them like a human being and reap the insane nutritional benefits that come from eating sprouted seeds and beans.

For less than a dollar, you can grow pea shoots in practically any container that will hold 2" of moist dirt.

So, basically, you need to buy a bag of WHOLE (not split, dumbass) green peas. These are found wherever they sell dried beans.

Then, you soak them for about 24 hours. You could go ahead an soak the whole bag, but each pea will produce one shoot (duh) and you'll be hard pressed for containers if you go this route. Try a quarter of the bag first.

Then fill your containers with dirt. Practically any crappy dirt will work. Seriously. I tried this with clay-laden dirt from my backyard and they still grow pretty well. But for your purposes, I mean, seriously, you could just go steal some dirt. Dirt is free. Go find some.

Ok, then you basically just toss your soaked peas over the dirt and sprinkle a little dirt on top. That's it. Donzo. Keep it moistened and in a relatively sunny spot (windowsills work fine). They're idiot proof.

Here's what they'll look like after four weeks:

You can repeat the process repeatedly all year long. These things are really good for you. You can eat them in a salad or prepare them pretty much any way you might prepare spinach. You eat the entire thing, so grab a pair of scissors and snip when they reach around 4" tall.


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